Discover a new way to connect

There is a new generation of voice technology breaking through standard PBX systems: Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP telephony transmits your conversation as data over the Internet, allowing for rapid digital communication. VoIP is revolutionary in that it can bring your telephone right to your computer’s desktop, enabling you to manage calls in a virtual environment. Instant messaging, conference calls, contact management, and voice-to-text services are just a few of the features that VoIP can support.

Is VoIP the Right Solution for You?

Your business employs a mobile workforce. You have offices in several locations. You have an in-house call center for customer service or technical support. Any of these scenarios would make you an ideal candidate for VoIP. VoIP integrates voice and data, allowing information to be relayed through a single reliable channel. If your business depends on communication that is mobile, flexible, and cost-effective, call Allegiance, LLC and let us demonstrate how the power of VoIP can work for you.

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