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Software Defined Wide Area Networks have many attributes that are handpicked from existing technologies. While an MPLS network provides solid branch to branch communication, it has to be provisioned over dedicated networks and circuits. SD-WAN can provide the same connectivity over open internet by marrying cloud-based routing and security.

With the right SD-WAN provider your business can have direct access to your cloud environments like Office 365 apps, Amazon Web Services, Hosted voice servers, and many more. SD-WAN designers like VeloCloud and Aryaka have direct connects in the worlds top data centers. This type of high level connectivity allows for faster, more reliable, and lower latency connection to cloud based applications.

It also allows network admins to view traffic at an unprecedented level. With a “single pane of glass” view into the network, admins can properly deploy rules based on location, use, and circuit availability. With the availability of multiple carriers and mediums at branch offices there is no need to have the highly valuable dedicated Internet access (DIA) circuits bogged down by non vital network traffic.

SD-WAN is designed from the ground up to make sure your business is getting the most it can out of any WAN connection your business has as well as making it simpler to maintain. To learn more, please join us for our SD-WAN Lunch and Learn, May 22nd.

SD-WAN is a hot topic in today’s market. But how does it benefit your business? Over the next 3 weeks I will be publishing articles to lead up to our SD-WAN Lunch & Learn. In addition to generating interest, my hope is I can spur questions that can be asked of our experts. The first topic is the speed of deployment, followed by the key components, and ending with some great use cases.

SD-WAN Provides Faster Deployment over traditional methods of branch deployment. Velocloud, one of the industry leaders in SD-WAN architecture, says that provisioning branches is faster with automated zero-touch deployment, simplified configuration, orchestration and on-going monitoring with centralized troubleshooting tools. Eric Barrett, CenturyLink’s senior director of network product management, is quoted saying, “SD-WAN makes it even easier to push configuration and policies to every location, whether it’s a single new office or changes to be applied all at once to 100 different locations.” This technology can also be leveraged during a merger and acquisition to lower on-boarding times for new sites. By simply deploying a single edge device with cloud management, IT teams have less worry when it comes to adding in a new location to their network.

Stay tuned for next weeks topic; key components of Software Defined Wide Area Networks. If you would like to attend our SD-WAN Lunch & Learn, click here to secure your seat.

There are many variables that make up a business’s communication. One of the most obvious is the hardware and where it is stored. Keeping a clean network physically is as important as keeping it clean on the virtual side. Networking and telecommunications equipment all have moving parts that are subject to fail. Here are some easy tips that will increase the lifespan of your communications backbone.

Keep the temperate of the room at a low level. This is the most talked about issue since it involves running the AC at all hours and a steady level. The cost of having the AC run continuously can be staggering, but is nothing compared to replacing equipment regularly due to high operating temperatures. Small networks can be maintained by a simple vent that keeps the air flowing. Larger networks are higher risk due to more devices producing heat. This added heat and poor ventilation can spell death for computers, routers, switches, and phone systems. Some solutions may be as simple as keeping a fan running or installing a dedicated AC unit for the communication room.

Dust is deadly for electronic equipment. It does not take long for dust to build up on nonmoving equipment. Small particles will begin to land on top of the various devices as well as inside of them. This can lead to higher temperatures and potential electrical shorts. Keeping a can of compressed air in the office is common practice now. Taking a few minutes to spray the equipment of any dust will help the devices to live longer.

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Unmanaged cable running everywhere is a technician’s worst nightmare. When maintaining any size network it is important to have proper labeling as well as proper cable management. Taking the time to trace a cable that plugs into a switch or tracing a cable that supplies dial tone can be frustrating as well as costly. Mislabeled or extra cable can even cause outages if plugged into the wrong areas.

These are simple steps that can be followed to increase the longevity of your business’s communication needs. If they are implemented from the beginning it is easy to maintain for many years to come. If you need help with keeping your equipment in top shape please contact Allegiance today.

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