In the Internet-based, global economy, businesses of all sizes need a telephone system that can measure up to corporate-caliber standards. Norstar Integrated Communication Systems from Nortel provide solutions that are straightforward, reliable, cost-effective, easy to install and easy to use.
Nortel is now a subsidiary of Avaya, interlinking the two brands as Allegiance’s premier communication systems.

Norstar Modular ICS

For dynamic, large or multi-site businesses that need sophisticated capabilities, Nortel Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System, our premier Norstar platform, grows to support up to 280 ports in various configurations. Software and system expansion modules enable growth as your business needs develop, both in capacity and features.
For example, you could start with basic voice messaging, then add desktop messaging, add enhanced call center services or take advantage of networking to extend telephone capabilities to many locations.

Norstar Compact ICS

For growing, but budget-conscious businesses, Nortel Norstar Compact Integrated Communications System uses a building-block design to grow from four outside lines and eight extensions up to eight lines and 24 telephone extensions. This flexible unit is ideal for growing organizations that may need basic call center functions, desktop messaging and the ability to blend telephone and computer functions, such as using the PC to manage phone calls or to automatically display a caller’s account record with the call.

Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM)

Business Communications Manager is a sophisticated, reliable integrated voice and data solution for enterprise branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses. It offers voice processing and feature-rich business telephone applications that work with data networking services to offer an integrated platform run by a single, intuitive management tool. BCM provides advanced capabilities such as robust telephone features, voice messaging and unified messaging, IP networking, Internet access, contact centers, mobility solutions and IP telephone. As a platform, it is a cost-effective solution that will grow with a customer’s business. 

BCM 50 is an easy-entry platform for converged voice and data communications. It is ideal for small businesses with 3 to 30 users. 

BCM 200 is designed to supply the benefits of converged voice/data networking to smaller sites, typically of 10 to 24 users and more (up to 64 using a mix of digital and IP phones). 

BCM 400 is designed to bring the benefits of converged voice/data networking to small- to medium-sized sites of 16 to 200 users.