Allegiance, LLC has partnered with Avaya as their flagship provider of the very best in telecommunications systems. Avaya enables businesses to improve their efficiency and quickly solve critical business challenges as they choose what works best for them. The objective is to give people the best collaboration experience, regardless of the devices, locations, or media they choose. Regardless of whether your business consists of 10 employees or 100,000, together with Avaya, Allegiance, LLC can help you to take all your forms of communication and get them working together, to dramatically improve collaboration and accelerate growth. Your company can be more spontaneous and intuitive in communications, more customer-friendly, and ultimately more profitable.

IP Office

The IP Office 500 V2 is Avaya newest line for the SME market. This unit can supply anywhere from a few phones and a single phone line. to 1,000 users, multiple sites, and multiple trunks. Avaya can fit the needs of a small family run business, to a large corporate office. It can handle the day-to-day task of keeping everyone connected with innovative mobility applications. With Avaya IP Office you are always connected.


Avaya IP Office is prepared to move towards the upcoming IP based world. However, you can still have digital and analog handsets without giving up the amazing extra features. Avaya has created a system that offers the same layouts but in the two main flavors; Digital and IP. We can help you decide on how many buttons and what features are right for your business.


The Avaya IP Office is a tiered system, and the type of licenses you will need depend on how you chose to employ your system. In addition to the system licenses, there are also User licenses. These allow for the freedom to use the PC and mobile integrations. Contact us and we will be able to tailor the system to your exact needs.

Additional Features

One new feature that is quickly gaining popularity is the Voicemail to Email feature. This is becoming an industry standard, and Avaya has created an amazing system. Whether you choose to use the Embedded Voicemail or to upgrade to the robust Voicemail Pro, this feature is available. Another feature that is offered is integrated Auto Attendant. You can choose to have it answer first, or act as a failsafe in case no one answers. With Voicemail Pro, we can create a highly customized system to fit all your needs. The PC and mobile applications create a seamless bond between your devices. There are multiple applications that cater to your needs; whether that is answering calls with the click of a mouse or placing calls via Microsoft Outlook. With the mobile Avaya One-X app you will never be away from your desk, and using the calling feature, you can protect your personal cell number and use your direct office line. All applications include an instant messenger that allows quick correspondence.

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Nortel is now a subsidiary of Avaya, interlinking the two brands as Allegiance’s premier communication systems.

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